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Axiom Networking offers many more services than what is listed below.  Call us and we can help you out with whatever you may need done.  We are here to help your company compete in todays technologically rich world.
  • Enterprise Network Design, Implementation, and Maintenance
    • Branded or Open Source solutions to fit your needs
    • Microsoft Windows Server Network Management (Active Directory, Terminal Services, File Services, etc)
    • Microsoft Exchange 2013/2016 Email Server
    • Linux file, terminal, web, and application server
    • FreeBSD file, terminal, mail, and application server
    • Custom solutions based on your specific needs
  • Network Management
    • Yearly maintenance contracts
    • Labour maintenance blocks
    • Hourly consulting
  • Enterprise Firewall Deployment and Maintenance
    • Branded or Open Source solutions to fit your needs
    • Mikrotik based firewalls
    • Linux based firewalls
    • FreeBSD based firewalls
  • Network Review, and Consultation
    • We'll do a full audit on your current IT infrastructure and give you a full report
    • We can help you improve your security, uptime, and stability of your network
    • We can add new services to your network to further help you take advantage of your infrastructure investment
  • Axiom Networking provides many more services, give us a call if you would like to get a quote.